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February 10th.
the day that sasuke wanted something more then just being friends.
sure, hinata and himself were old time friends and have known eachother since they were kids, but this meant so much more then that.
HE wanted more.
but wasnt sure if hinata wanted the same.
so he would do something for her.
on white day.
the day that sasuke would confess his love to hinata.
February 12th.

"hinata!! hey hinata!!"
i so badly want to tell her how i feel about her but i cant.
i shall wait til valentines day.
"sasuke! i've been looking everywhere for you."
and she runs up to me and gives me a friendly hug. and i hug back. it feels so good to have hinata in my arms.
"thats funny... so have i."
and then the hug ended and, it felt like i died.
"well then... now that we found each other... lets get started."
"okay then."
hinata and sasuke are working on a school project.
because they are in school for valentines day, they are making it a themed day.
putting up decorations, dressing up, finding a valentine.
it was going to be a busy day for all of them.
and sasuke was excited to give hinata present.
til something happened.
"so sasuke... who's gonna be your valentine?"
You. "why do you want to know?"
"c'mon... i just want to know? who is it? tell me..."
You. "im not telling anyone who im choosing."
"so you do have someone in mind."
"well... do you?"
"yeah... but i dont think that he will accept me."
"who would'nt want to accept you? i mean look at you..."
oh man... what am i saying? i dont want to scare her. and i think thats what im doing.
"what do you mean? are YOU saying that I'M pretty or something?"
"i might be... i may not be."
i want to tell her so much that she is'nt pretty... she is gorgeous!
'how i want to tell him my feelings but i think that it would scare him. i'll just wait til valentines day.' hinata thought while sasuke was speaking about something that she didnt know.

while we are painting the banner for valentines day, i couldnt get my eyes off of hinata. she is a sight for sore eyes. i just cant take my eyes off of her.
i was totally lost in my little dream world that i didnt realise that she caught me staring at her.
she gave one of her cute, shy smiles and blushed then looked away.
so did i.
but while we were still painting, i couldnt stop thinking about her.
'OH MY GOSH!! i saw sasuke staring at me! and all i did was blush... how stupid can i get? but... he stared at me!' hinatas mind was running wild!! she couldnt think straight. she rrealllllly likes sasuke.

there goes the school bell for reccess.
here i go again.
under the same old tree at the school, away from everyone.
peaceful, quiet, loving.
under the shade of a beautiful sakura tree.
speaking of... here she comes...
"HEY sasuke!"
"can i sit here?"
"... because im sitting here."
sakura turned around and saw hinata.
"hey hinata... well i'll go then if this is your seat..."
what the hell is that meant to mean?
see... sakura really likes sasuke.
sasuke really hates sakura.
she's very annoying to him and very clingy.
sasuke hates girls like that.
he likes girls like hinata...
soft, quiet, shy, graceful, kind, gorgeous.
NOT annoting. NOT clingy.
and he likes that.
"she moved fast..."
"yeah... that was kinda wierd. not like sakura at all."
"so... are you gonna tell me who your valentine is gonna be...?"
"are you gonna tell me?"
gosh! how i want to tell her that im in love with her.
but... it might ruin this moment.
so i'll tell her on valentines day.

today is the day that i confess to hinata.
im so not ready for this... but i must do it.
ihave to tell her one dayor my opportunity will...
what is this on my desk???
lets open the box and have a look inside.
... homemade box of chocolates and a card?
from whom?
anyways lets read the note...

           how much i wanted to tell you this in person... but i was affraid of how you would react.
so, instead i wrote it down on a piece of paper so that you can be reminded of how much im in love with you.  since the first day i saw you, i new.
i new that something would happen, but not be just friends. how i want to be so much more then friends.
i just hope that you feel the same way about me as i do you.
love is the sweetest emotion that springs in my heart,
love is all that i feel deeply for you.
this may not mean anything to you, but it means the world to me.
                                    forever loving you... your valentine.

who would write this to me?
cant be sakura. she expresses her feelings loud and clear.
cant be ino. shes as bad as sakura.
nor tenten.
and sasuke lifted his head from the note, he saw hinata enter the room.
nah. it cant be hinata.
can it?

" hey sasuke. whos the note from?"
"hey. i dont know who its from. it just says from you valentine. do you know who would wirte this letter?"
"there are many people who would write this knd of letter."
'oh gosh... i re-read my letter thati gave to sasukeand he doenst know that i wrote it. should i be happy or sad?'

for many weeks sasuke thought real hard who wrote the note.
he thought so hard that he totallyforgot about white day that was coming up.
what was he going to do?
he didnt know who was his valentine was.
he would go to hinata and ask for help.
hinata was really good at giving advice to people.

"hey hinata!"
"hey sasuke."
as im walking past the crowd of crazzed fangirls that i have, i dont see them running up to me.
i just over hear them talking about my valentine present and... who... gave... it...
"oh my gosh... didyou hear that hinata had the guts to give our sasuke a valentine present! i mean... who does that?"
"i know right. she's not in our fangroup... so why would she do something like that?"
"she better watch her back or else i'll hav to do something very terrible to her."
thats it!
they dont have the right to speak about her like that.
"wow. sasuke... i love it when you get angry."
and out of no where my hand met her face and she fell to the ground.

"what took you so long?"
"over heard fangirls talking so harshly of you... so i put them in their place."
"should i be scared at the moment?"
i want to ask her. i need to ask her. i HAVE to ask her.
"hinata... if i ask you a honest question, would you give me an honest question?"
"you know i will."
here i go. honesty time now. no going back.
"i over heard them talking about my valentine present...
"and they say its from...
"from...? tell me."
"from you."
after i said that, i saw hinatas face go red and... suprisingly, she didnt faint.
i think she has to tell me the truth.
"well because you asked me a honest question.. i have to give you an honest answer."
"the truth is... i did write that letter and give you that present. its stu-"
hinata was cut off by some slow movement that she felt on her lips.
sasuke was kissing hinata.
his eyes shut and now, so were hers.
the feeling was so gratifying... they both didnt want to stop.
until sasuke pulled away to get some breath.
and hinata was just sitting there... stunned. she didnt know what to think.
how i want to know what she is thinking right now.
"hinata?? are you alright?"
"yeah, im fine... but i think that your fangirls arent fine."
and i turned around to see them all crying because of what they saw me doing with hinata.
"oh well."

thye continued with their lunch in silence, until the bell rang and they hhad to go there seperate ways.
"so... i'll see you after school?"
"sure. okay."
but before they went there way, sasuke gave hinata an other kiss on the lips.
but this one was kept short.
and hinata blushed again.
"bye... sasuke"
"bye... beautiful."
and hinata blushed even more and they walked off.

sasuke had no idea what he was going to give hinata, until something caught his eye.
wheres that shine coming from?
from a jewler shop?
thats what i can give hinata...
a piece of jewllery.
lets see what they have in this jewler.
"sasuke where are you going?"
"im going over to the jewler to give my valentine a gift on white day."
"wait... im coming."
i hate it when my father comes with me everywhere.
im going to keep it at window shopping at the moment.
wait... a pearl set!
thats perfect!!
it will go with hinata's eyes
"father... i want this pearl set."
"dont you think its to much."
"no... not really."
"okay then. i'll go inside and get it for you."
the perfect gift for the perfect woman.
as im waiting outside for my father to get the set... i see hinata.
she cant see me here... outside a jewler.
she might take it the wrong way.
i'll just go inside and hide away from her.

"hey sasuke."
and to my suprise she walked up to me and gave me a kiss in the cheek.
i blushed a little and she noticed.
"haha... thats so cute."
"what is?"
"you were blushing."
"was i?"
yes i was.
"yes... you were."
and all she did was giggle and give me a hug.
and i hugged her back.
"so... are you getting someone a special gift on white day??"
she spoke into my chest.
"oh, i dont know... she'll just have to wait and see for herself."
we broke away from our hug because everyone was staring and we had to go to class.
"see you at lunch?"
and after that hinata was walking away, but i grabbed her arm before she was completely away and pulled her in for a kiss.
when we broke from our kiss hinata was the one that was blushing and continued on to go to her class.

boy, do i love that girl.
but... why cant i say it to her yet?
maybe i'll do what she did... write it down.
yes. thats what i'll do write her a letter and give her the gift that i got her.
but what should i say?


"hinata! hey hinata! look at this!!!"
'what are they talking about??'
"someone gave you a gift. open it! open it!"
'who could it be from?'
hinata was thinking and thinking... until she figured it out.
"girls... i need to get to my desk to open it up and see what it is."
"oh... sorry."
and they all backed away so that hinata could open her gift from that special someone.

and then sasuke walked in.
and as usual... whenever i walk into a room my fangirls swoon.
hinata's opening her gift. i thought that she would have done that by now.
'i wonder whats inside?'

" *gasps* oh my gosh!!!! "
"thats so beautiful hinata."
"put them on."
and when hinata put on the pearl earrings and necklace, no one could help but stare at the girl with the pearl coloured eyes with a pearl set on her.
"hey hinata. theres a note too!!!!"
"read it!!"
oh no, she's gonna read the note that i wrote for her!
what if she doesnt like it?
i'll just have to wait and see for my self.

          how i've waited for years to tell you what i feel for you.
loving thoughts of you makes a difference to my days.
how i think of you nonstop. even when im with you, i cant stop thinking about you.
i too was affraid of your reaction if i told you that i love you. i wanted to tell you so many times, but those times faded away by our friendship.
i aswell want to be more then friends. more then best friends. i want you feel the same way like i feel about you.
when i first saw you, i was affraid to meet you.
when i first met you, i was affraid to hold you.
when i first held you, i was affraid to kiss you
when i first kissed you, i was affraid to love you
and now that i love you, im affraid to lose you.
                                        forever yours...sasuke.

and the most strangest thing ever happened.
hinata got off her chair, walked- well, stomped her way over to me, cuffed my face in her hands and pulled me into a kiss in the middle of class.
everyone was looking at us, but we didnt care.
we only cared that we got to taste one another's lips again.
her lips are the sweetest thing ever.
i can never get sick of kissing her.
'i can never get sick of kissing his sweet pulp lips. they're the perfect moisture.'

and we stopped to get some breath.

"i love you... hinata."
"and i love you...sasuke."

you are mine for now and forever.
i am his for now and forever.
this is a little confusing.......
i dont know how to make it more simpler
but this is it.


this is for the white day contest
sasuXhina fanfic

hope you all enjoy it!!!
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